Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Rummage Sale!

Hi!  Hello?!  It's me!

So, as you can tell, I am QUITE the blogger - averaging about 2 blog posts a year!

Anyway, I've decided to do a little switcharoo in my shop just for a few weeks!  I'm doing an online rummage sale!!!  Woohoo!!!  You can find it on ebay because my bigcartel shop seems to not be functioning properly!

So, here's the deal with the sale:

1.  These are ALL my clothes, so there's no variety in sizing.  Sizing is tricotée sized.
2.  There is absoutely nothing wrong with these clothes (unless something like a clasp is missing, which is mentioned, and normal wear).  I just have a tiny closet and too big a passion for shopping.  It's true.  And we all know this.
3.  I've priced the shipping at Priority Shipping prices from USPS, so the shipping is high.  Ask me to ship it First Class, and I'll refund you the difference!  I'm reasonable!
4.  I used my iPhone to take pictures - I did my best.
5.  Most of the clothes are not that old (within the last couple years).  Please refer to Item 2 with explanation.
6.  I'll be posting clothes all weekend and throughout next week!  So keep checking!
7.  If you tell me one thing you love about summer when you place your order, I'll send you a free little gift, but it's a surprise!!!



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