Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School...

JK!  I don't go to school!

But I felt like I should've been on my way to class in this outfit!

I've decided to go 95% back pack 100% of the time these days.  I'm just soooooo tired of carrying a purse on one shoulder!  I don't like the feeling on my shoulder and back!  So, yes, I know, 1992 called, and they want their backpack back, right...?!

But, guess what!  I don't care!  This backpack is awesome!  It's cheap, cotton (machine washable), and it comes in awesome colors!  I got the turquoise, and my friend got the coral!  We look super cute walking down the street.  I will take it everywhere!  I've already gone camping with it, and I plan on taking it on many more adventures!

Sayonara, purse!  


p.s. thank you to my little butterfly, kate, for the shoes!  they match my hair barrette PERFECTLY.

p.p.s. i know you can't really see the backpack, so make sure you click on the link and look at all the pretty colors!

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  1. you are so pretty and need to do some more outfit posts. pleeeeze!